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Chartplotter/Fishfinder Combo

In this millennium, we have seen technological advancements in every field, the fishing industry is no exception. Technology such as the Chartplotter and Fishfinder combo  has boosted the efficiency by which fishermen now catch quality fish for gaming and industrial purposes..

What is a Chartplotter/Fishfinder Combo?

The chartplotter is a device with a screen that is installed on the vessel used for fishing. It uses the GPS system to pinpoint the exact location of the vessel in relation to its surrounding on earth.

The fishfinder consists of a transmitter that generates electronic waves which convert to soundwaves underwater and are used to give an accurate picture of the proximate marine environment. The fishfinder consists of a screen that displays the size, shape, composition and locus any object the sound wave has struck, be it fish, rocks, trash etc.

A combination of the two results in adjacent displays on a single screen that track the whearabouts of the vessel and show the marine setting in the same vicinity. Latest models of the chartplotter/fishfinder combo visualize the marine life in a picturesque manner with no trouble in reading the coordinates even for new fishmongers. The older models showed very basic colours and shapes with little indication of depth and lesser detail; making is more difficult to read without much prior experience.

Chartplotter Fishfinder Combo Uses:

In olden days, sailors and fishermen made use of paper charts to mark the spot they are on; even then they had only an approximate idea of their whereabouts. These paper charts were also difficult to interpret, unless the reader was an experienced navigator. The chartplotter alleviates the use of these primitive charts due to its function of pre-loaded cartography. Any water body across the globe that the sailor wishes to cover, he will find on the chartplotter device. And, since, the accurate location of the boat is pinpointed on the screen at all times, there is no need to calculate the coordinated over and over again or open up bulky charts, or even purchasing new charts everytime the user wishes to explore new explore.

These days, the chartplotter comes with many added functions for the ease of an average sailor.

Latest models of the Chartplotter Fishfinder Combo show incredible detail of the underwater milieu to make it easier for the user to decide what fish to catch and what to ignore, what area is safer and which is harsher.

The combo can also be used to save certain routes so the sailor knows what way point to take just by selecting one of the coordinates. This will enable the user to set his vessel on autopilot mode so the vessel follows the route on its own while he himself can concentrate on the bigger task at hand.

The chartplotter can also detect changes in weather patterns. This enables the sailor to plan his trip accordingly or only select routes that are safer to travel on, ensuring security for all the members onboard and their catch. 

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